Hemp Emu Certificate Of Analysis Lab Results from Third Party Labs

It is important to be absolute certain that every product was made with integrity and accuracy from start to finish. All HEMP EMU™ products are third party tested by third party labs upon completion of an entire batch. This is to ensure all consumers and regulatory bodies can have clear and easy access to all of our product information. These Certificates of analysis are in order of the date received.


500mg Original Strength Roll-On 4/16/2021

1500mg Maximum Strength Roll-On 4/16/20201

5,000mg Maximum Strength Roll On 10/24/2020

500mg Original Strength Cream 4/16/2021

1500mg Maximum Strength Cream 4/16/2021

5,000mg Maximum Strength Cream 9/03/2020

300mg Pet Tincture 8/30/2021

1500mg CBD Tincture Original Strength 9/6/2021

3600mg CBD Tincture Maximum Strength 5/29/2020

10,000mg CBD Tincture Gold Edition 6/16/2020

1500mg CBD + CBG Tincture Original Strength 7/14/2020

10,000mg CBD + CBG Tincture Gold Edition 8/24/2020

750mg CBD  Daytime Gummies 9/29/2021

1500mg CBD Daytime Gummies 9/29/2021

1500mg CBD Tincture + Immune Boost 1/13/2021