The Benefits of CBD for Seniors

CBD Tincture

The cannabis plant contains over 150 chemical compounds. Most people know of THC, which is the cannabinoid that provides the high people associate with marijuana or cannabis. However, more people today are learning about cannabidiol or CBD. This chemical compound also comes from the cannabis plant and offers health benefits. Researchers continue to study the compound to determine its different uses, as the FDA has only approved one medication containing the compound for human use. This doesn’t mean people aren’t using it, however, as CBD products have become readily available commercially.

Seniors often find they benefit from the use of CBD for pain relief, CBD topicals, and more. They get the relief they desire from the ailments that plague them. While research continues on the benefits of this cannabidiol, previously conducted studies highlight the potential benefits of using  CBD creams, CBD gummies, and other products. These studies examined conditions as diverse as schizophrenia and insomnia. Other conditions that might benefit from including this substance include multiple sclerosis, inflammation, and anorexia.

However, the only drug containing CBD approved by the FDA helps treat a severe form of epilepsy that doesn’t respond to conventional medications. This shows the safety of CBD products for human use, allowing seniors to try these products with confidence.

Choosing the Right CBD Product

At this time, the United States Food and Drug Administration doesn’t guarantee the effectiveness, safety, or quality of CBD products purchased over the counter. Consumers must know what to look for when they go to buy a CBD topical, CBD oil, or any other product that contains this chemical compound.

First, before seniors or any person goes to buy full-spectrum CBD oil or any CBD product, they must know whether CBD is legal. At this time, federal law permits the use of hemp-derived CBD products such as CBD cream, as long as the product contains less than 0.3 percent THC. Nevertheless, some states prohibit the use of CBD products, and it falls on consumers to know whether they could face legal problems if they use their CBD tincture, pure CBD oil, or other product containing this chemical compound.

In contrast, many states permit the use of marijuana for medical or recreational products, but THC remains illegal under federal law. Again, it falls on the consumer to know what the law permits wherever they plan to take CBD oil, CBD tincture, or other CBD or THC products.


CBD Oil Tincture


CBD Product Options

Seniors need to look into the different CBD product options available today. Before they buy CBD tincture, they should consider gummies made with this substance, CBD gel, a CBD roll-on, and more. The best CBD oil tincture won’t be of help if the person doesn’t like it and fails to use it regularly. Other options a person should consider before they buy CBD oil include creams and lotions, massage salves and oils, pills, bath products, and capsules. Each option comes with its advantages and drawbacks, and a person might find what works for a friend or family member doesn’t meet their needs.

Third-Party Testing

What is CBD oil? This question remains of great importance, as a company can label their product CBD oil when it contains very little CBD. Until the FDA regulates these products, it falls to the consumer to research any CBD oil for sale they are considering purchasing.

Third-party testing becomes of great help when comparing products. Manufacturers send their products to an independent lab to have the potency and the purity of the products verified. If a customer has problems with a product offered by a CBD company, they may contact the FDA. It takes action against companies whose products don’t provide the stated health benefits.

Using CBD Products

Any person trying a CBD product for the first time will need to determine the proper dosage. They must consider the condition they wish to treat, their unique body chemistry, body weight, and the product they plan to use. The CBD concentration differs by product, and users must take this into account.

Start with the lowest amount and see if there is any reaction. If no reaction occurs and the product doesn’t provide the desired level of relief, slowly increase the dose. If any side effects occur, write them down. Do the same with any benefits, as the information becomes of great help in determining the correct dosage.

The type of product selected likewise plays a role in the dosage needed. Inhaled or vaporized products offer the highest level of bioavailability. Up to 56 percent of the product makes it into the bloodstream and does so in as little as 10 minutes. In contrast, as little as four percent of ingested CBD may make its way into the bloodstream, and the user must wait 30 minutes or longer to feel the effects. The individual’s metabolism also influences the bioavailability of CBD products.


CBD Cream


Types of CBD

CBD comes in several varieties. Purchase full-spectrum CBD oil and get all cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. This includes not only CBD but also THC. Broad-spectrum CBD contains many cannabinoids from the plant but lacks THC. CBD isolate only contains CBD with no other cannabinoids.

Side Effects and Risks

People might experience side effects when using CBD products. Many people report they feel fatigued when using the product, and some men and women report their appetite changes, leading to weight gain or loss. Diarrhea afflicts some people when they use CBD products. Furthermore, individuals planning to use CBD products need to know if any of their current medications come with a grapefruit warning.

Grapefruit interacts with many drugs used today. CBD and grapefruit interact with the same enzyme, so a person who cannot eat grapefruit with a medication they are taking will also need to avoid CBD. Medications affected by grapefruit consumption include high blood pressure drugs, medications for Crohn’s disease, drugs to prevent organ transplant rejection, and cholesterol medications. Speak to your doctor before trying any CBD product to ensure it won’t do more harm than good.

Seniors might find they benefit from including CBD in their overall treatment plan for one or more conditions they have. This includes arthritis, insomnia, inflammation, and chronic pain. Nevertheless, take care when trying any new product and speak to your medical team. This ensures the product provides the desired benefits without leading to new health problems.