GMP Certified CBD: Why Is It Important?

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Rumored to alleviate conditions such as insomnia, anxiety, inflammation, and pain, CBD is becoming more popular by the day. With its increasing prevalence, though, it can be hard for consumers to know about the origins or safety of their products. Because regulatory efforts are in their infancy, one of the few ways to ensure product quality is through standards introduced by GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice).

For companies dealing with the processing, packing, and sale of CBD products, having a GMP certification is a business, branding, and reputational requirement. In this guide, we’ll explain what GMP certification is and why it’s important.

GMP Certification

Good Manufacturing Practice’s certification requirements were implemented by governing bodies and serve as proof of a company’s compliance with minimum quality standards. While different certifications exist, they’re all similar. The most common certifications are:

  • The CGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practice) that’s published by the Food and Drug Administration in the United States
  • The GMP-EU (Good Manufacturing Practice-EU) published in the EU by the European Medicines Agency
  • The GPP (Good Production Practices) published in Canada by Health Canada

In the sections below, we’ll go into detail about the certification process and its importance.

Is GMP Certification Necessary?

These certifications are applicable at the jurisdictional level. To operate as a GMP-compliant company in France or Britain, a US-based manufacturer must attain GMP-EU certification, and European companies must likewise attain US certifications. If a brand is not certified by GMP, that doesn’t mean its products are of low quality; it just means there’s no certification. For CBD producers that are sure of their branding and product quality, GMP certifications are an important approval of their production processes.

Who Provides GMP Certifications?

Good Manufacturing Practice certification for CBD supplements and cosmetics is offered by various global entities. While the FDA’s standards are predetermined, other organizations can also certify products in accordance with the FDA’s guidelines. Therefore, numerous GMP certificates exist, but all follow the same standards.

GMP Compliance Equals Safety

CBD is extracted from hemp or marijuana plants. As with most products, entire production lines are involved in the growth, refinement, packaging, and sale of cannabidiol supplements. To guarantee high-quality, consistent products, it’s important for all parts of the production line to follow the same standards.


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What Does Good Manufacturing Practice Check For?

The GMP’s guidelines examine and define each step of the production process, from when the hemp is cultivated and processed to how the cannabidiol is extracted and isolated. GMP regulations ensure everything from the hemp garden’s soil quality to the limited use of fungicides, pesticides, and herbicides. Other regulations include:

  • Ensuring the products are manufactured in facilities using appropriate, well-maintained equipment
  • The implementation of hygiene requirements to prevent crop contamination
  • Ensuring that workers are in good health and can do their jobs properly
  • Regular inspections of all production facilities by GMP-certified bodies
  • Required documentation of all production processes
  • Becoming and remaining GMP compliant

Once the EMA, FDA, or another body receives a GMP certification application from a company representative, they perform an inspection and verify the company’s compliance with standards.

The process is long, time-consuming, and expensive, which is why many small companies can’t afford to become GMP certified, even if they meet all requirements. The Good Manufacturing Practice system is flexible enough to meet the needs of pharmaceutical companies that implement their own procedures while fulfilling regulatory requirements.

GMP Standards Keep Companies Accountable

Certified companies use GMP facilities so they can ensure that the claims they make are true. All CBD product batches are numbered with expiration dates so we and our customers can hold the GMP-compliant facility accountable. The use of GMP facilities also allows us to formulate products based on customer feedback and to know that those products will be created to our specifications.

Certification Builds Consistency

Once our customers find the products that work for them, they expect the next purchase to work just the same. With the use of a GMP-compliant facility, we can provide our customers with a higher level of reassurance. Each product batch is made according to a formula, so a GMP facility will ensure that production remains consistent.




GMP Certifications Facilitate Product Tracing

The GMP requires that every phase of the production process is tested and documented. This allows companies to see the quality of the materials used to manufacture their products. From the hemp we receive, we can ensure that the extract has the cannabinoid profile required to create the products we want.

Good Manufacturing Practice also requires that every batch is numbered so customers can trace a product back to the place, date, and time it was manufactured. This level of traceability gives customers full transparency on our products and lets them hold us accountable.

GMP Certification Allows for Informed Decisions

For CBD users, one of the few ways to ensure a product’s safety is through a manufacturer’s GMP status. Using a CBD edible, CBD cream, CBD oil, or any other product that’s compliant means knowing the quality and origin of the cannabidiol within. By using GMP-compliant products, you can be sure that the CBD has been cultivated, refined, packaged, and sold in sterile, safe conditions that meet all relevant requirements.

In Closing

It’s our goal to make our customers’ lives better by following the strictest quality standards and creating a more sustainable culture in the CBD industry. The safety, quality, and efficiency of our services and products is our highest priority. That’s why we go through the GMP certification process.

Along with a clean COA (certificate of analysis), GMP certifications ensure that our CBD products are safe, contaminant-free, and ready to use as intended. Today’s cannabidiol market is still mostly unregulated, and it’s the consumer’s responsibility to ensure that the products they buy are of high quality. By purchasing items from companies like ours that perform third-party testing, freely publish their COAs, and comply with GMP standards, you are putting forth the effort to choose clean, safe, and top-quality CBD products.